Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sorry I Have Been M.I.A Please Forgive Me!

Hi Everyone,

I am so very sorry I have not been around to everyone's blogs and left a comment, or left any comments on my blog. I have been trying for over a month to get ready to go visit my sister and have some much needed sister and vacation time. It just seems like when I am getting ahead enough to get ready to go, I go three steps back. So Please forgive me for not returning the comments and sharing the love, I am not trying to be rude to anyone I promise. I am so sorry. Just please pray that I can get ahead enough so I can go and visit my sister, I have not seen her in over a year, and I miss her something terrible. Please bare with me, I am just trying to keep things up and trying to get out of here to go. I appreciate ALL of you that stop in and say hi and I am so sorry I have not returned that love. Please forgive me.

God bless you all :-)

Thank You For Stopping By


  1. Do what you've got to do Jody. We'll be right here when you return. Not march forward and go see your sister.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. :)

  2. Sandee,
    Thank you so, so very much. I am trying my best to get things done. I have a Dr.'s appt. June 6th so I am praying I can get going that weekend. Your such a wonderful friend to me, and I pray we remain friends forever.

    Have a wonderful Memorial day honey :-)



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